Installation scheme of FRP pipe

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main features 1. Good corrosion resistance. Because FRP is mainly composed of unsaturated polyester resin and glass fiber, it can effectively resist the corrosion of medium such as alkali and salt, and the corrosion of untreated domestic sewage, corrosive soil, chemical wastewater and many chemical liquids. Under normal circumstances, it can keep the safe operation of the pipeline for a long time. 2. Good aging resistance and heat resistance. The FRP pipe can be used for a long time in the range of-40℃ ~ 70℃, and the high temperature resistant resin with special formula can work normally above 200℃. Long-term outdoor use of pipes, the outer surface is added with, to eliminate ultraviolet radiation on the pipe, delay the aging of FRP pipes. 3. Good frost resistance. When the temperature is below-20℃, freezing crack will not occur after freezing in the pipe. 4. Light weight, high strength and convenient transportation. FRP pipes are not only light in weight, high in strength, strong in plasticity, convenient in transportation and installation, but also easy to install various branch pipes, and the installation technology is simple. 5. Good hydraulic conditions. Smooth inner wall, strong conveying capacity, no scaling, no rust and little water resistance. 6. Good designability. FRP pipes can be designed and manufactured into pipes with different pressure grades and stiffness grades according to various specific requirements of users, such as different flow rates, different buried depths and load conditions. 7. Low maintenance cost. Because of the above-mentioned corrosion resistance, wear resistance, frost resistance and pollution resistance, the project does not need to take measures such as rust prevention, pollution prevention, insulation, heat preservation and maintenance. There is no need for cathodic protection of buried pipes, which can save engineering maintenance costs by more than 70%. 8. Good wear resistance. The water containing a large amount of mud and sand is put into the pipe to carry out the contrast test of the influence of rotating wear. After 3 million revolutions, the wear depth of the inner wall of the inspection pipe is as follows: the steel pipe coated with tar and enamel is 0.53mm, the steel pipe coated with epoxy resin and tar is 0.52mm, and the steel pipe after surface hardening is 0.21 mm. Therefore, FRP has good wear resistance. 9. Good electrical insulation. FRP is a non-conductor, and the electrical insulation of the pipeline is excellent, with the insulation of 1012-1015Ω.cm, which is most suitable for power transmission. The heat transfer coefficient of FRP in areas with dense telecommunication lines and mined areas is very small, only 0.23, which is five thousandths of that of steel, and the heat preservation performance of the pipeline is excellent. 10. Low friction resistance and high conveying capacity. The inner wall of FRP pipe is very smooth with small roughness and friction. Roughness coefficient is 0.0084, while n value of concrete pipe is 0.014 and cast iron pipe is 0. 013, therefore, FRP pipe can significantly reduce the fluid pressure loss along the way and improve the transportation capacity. Therefore, it can bring significant economic benefits: when the transportation capacity is the same, the FRP pipeline with smaller inner diameter can be selected for the project, thus reducing the one-time investment; Using pipes with the same inner diameter, FRP pipes can reduce the head loss and save the pumping cost compared with other pipes. In addition, FRP pipes can shorten the pumping time and reduce the long-term operation cost. Glass steel pipe is also called glass fiber wound sand pipe (RPM pipe). Glass fiber and its products are mainly used as reinforcing materials, unsaturated polyester resin and epoxy resin with high molecular components are used as matrix materials, and inorganic non-metallic granular materials such as quartz sand and calcium carbonate are used as fillers as main raw materials. The standard effective length of pipe is 6m.